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chemicalerinyes: "I use my hair to express myself." 

"Thats..great for you? Why’re you telling me this?"

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courtney-wildfire: "You're now labeled as Rice." 



"I don’t want to be named after a food."

"Well, that’s what your name sounds like. So, therefore, you’re dubbed as ‘Rice’."


"No, no. It’s pronounced Reese."

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# it bugs him when people get his name wrong
# i thought his name was pronounced rise for the longest time


guys, if i ever end up publishing a crappy reply or one that just doesnt give you enough inspiration

  • tell me
  • please
  • and i will fix it and write you a better one
  • because sometimes i just kinda flop
  • please dont let my sometimes crappy writing ruin a thread
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Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared sentence starters


  • "What’s your favorite idea?"
  • "Just try to think creatively."
  • "I see a silly face."
  • "I don’t see what you mean."
  • "I use my hair to express myself."
  • "That sounds really boring."
  • "When you stare at the clouds in the sky, don’t you find it exciting?"
  • "Come on, take another look."
  • "I can see a man with a baseball bat."
  • "I think you’re getting the hang of it now."
  • "I might paint a picture of a clown."
  • "Whoa there, friend. You might need to slow down."
  • "Here’s another good tip."
  • "Green is not a creative color."
  • "Listen to your heart. Listen to the rain. Listen to the voices in your brain."
  • "Let’s get creative!"
  • "Now, let’s all agree to never be creative again."
  • "There’s always time for a song."
  • "The past is far behind us. The future doesn’t exist."
  • "Scrub, scrub, scrub till the water’s brown."
  • "Watch it go ‘round like a merry-go-round."
  • "Let’s go on a journey throughout time."
  • "We’re going to miss our show."
  • "Don’t be stupid, friend!"
  • "With cobbles and plague and speaking in rhyme."
  • "This tree that is old has circles inside."
  • "The apple that’s fresh is ripe to the core."
  • "Time flies fast when you’re having fun."
  • "There’s a time and place for mucking around."
  • "I’m friends with my dad."
  • "An old man died."
  • "Everything’s cool. It’s the future!"
  • "Look at all the wonderful things you can do."
  • "It’s twenty past day. There’s fish on my tray."
  • "It’s nine thirty. There’s fish everywhere."
  • "If we run out of time, then where does it go?"
  • "Is time even real? Does anyone know?"
  • "It’s out of my hands."
  • "Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine."
  • "Eventually, everyone runs out of time."
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courtney-wildfire: "You're now labeled as Rice." 

"I don’t want to be named after a food."

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//modern ryhs accidentally turned really punk rock…..


"Tibbers said so." She nodded slowly. "Besides, you don’t have any cupcakes. You can’t just come without cupcakes."

"Why would I have cupcakes? I don’t just carry cupcakes around with me."

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//i need more people to rp with i think



rhys is the store brand jack

rhys is the equate jack

rhys is great value jack

if jack is coca cola rhys is the bottle in the plan red label marked “cola” for 99ish cents at the ass end of the soda/chips aisle

"Hahaha, oh my god. Yes that is totally the deal"

"I’m right here, y’know."

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