I want to rp with people on kik & Skype too, because:

a) It is something I can carry with me everywhere
b) I don’t have to format it
c) It’s low pressure and things get dropped all the time
d) It’s fast paced with shorter replies

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Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.
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you've got a second chance

⊱ Indi RP blog for Enya ‘Pixie ’ Mills
⊱ Mainly set in the Borderlands universe but open to other fandoms for
    crossovers and AUs
⊱ Open to all types of threads ranging from Multi-para to banter and askbox
⊱ Mostly serious, crack will may occur
⊱ Both mun and muse are of age
⊱Well versed in Borderlands lore
⊱ Muse is a little shit :I mun is a potato however

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                                                        so take it
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 how does the 

⊱ RP blog for Angel the Siren
⊱ Open to all types of threads ranging from Multi-para to banter and askbox
⊱ Mostly serious, crack will may occur
⊱Well versed in Borderlands lore
⊱ Part of the AUTOSAVE group, open to other blogs as well

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                                          caged bird sing
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"Uh- What, yeah I’m alright. It’s just people."

”..Soo, Caulifower’s what’cha calling me now, eh? I like it!!”

"Well it’s better than calling you corn." .. "So um, who’s bothering you?"

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//9 more followers til 100 :D

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//9 more followers til 100 :D

reminder that i have a vaughn blog

here http://hyperionnerd.tumblr.com/

//url subject to change when the game is out//

au ask meme prompt ideas (muse reactions)


  • "What now?"
  • "We killed him, didn’t we?"
  • "It’s not what it looks like!"
  • "Nobody is going to trust you anymore."
  • "You’re never going to get away with it."
  • "I’ve wanted to do this since the day we met."
  • "He’s going to find out that he’s the father at some point.."
  • "You’re just like him, you know."
  • "You don’t look so good. Are you feeling okay?"
  • "Are you done?"
  • "What are you hiding from me?"
  • "Does family mean nothing to you?"
  • "[insert name here]!"
  • "That’s my child, isn’t it? Growing inside of you?"
  • "You s..shot me."
  • "None of it was real."
  • "Why didn’t you tell me?"
  • "Stop screaming! You’re going to wake up the entire town."
  • "Are they gone?"
  • "Don’t let me go."
  • "I’m not going to make it."
  • "I think I’m going crazy."
  • "She will never love you like I love you."
  • "I should have killed you when I had the chance."
  • "Nice lingerie, who’s it for?" 
  • "We shouldn’t be doing this."
  • "How long…How long have you known?"
  • "He’s dead. We have to go."
  • "I need you."
  • "Whose baby is it?"
  • "It’s all your fault!" 
  • "I don’t mind."
  • "Make me."
  • "Forgive me."
  • "It didn’t mean anything." 
  • "You’re a murderer." 
  • "I did what I had to do."
  • "DON’T LIE TO ME!"
  • "You are mine." 
  • "He’s never going to forgive you."
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I have this headcanon that all the Vault Hunters became Tina’s protectors after Roland died, especially Maya and Brick. They don’t coddle her (see:Tiny Tina’s DLC) but they make sure she never feels alone again.”

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